Family history

The name of the brand is our family’s anecdote and is very dear to our hearts.

My grandmother was so passionate about food and cooking that even through all the hardships that she, as a Jewish girl, endured in her migration during the last century’s wars, she managed to carry with herself and preserve her family cookbooks. She found herself in Serbia, finished her studies and got married and decided to start translating the cookbooks so that her kids could use them. Since back then she did not own a scale, a great majority of her recipes were measured by her favorite light blue enamel pot. She then proceeded to write recipes in a descriptive manner: little blue pot of milk, half of the blue pot of eggs, two pots of diced onions, etc. After sharing this story, we found out that a lot of people had a similar one, taking them back to old-school cooking memories.

Back to the recipes – as unusual as it was back then, my grandmother used a lot of different spices and flavor combinations, which ultimately inspired me at an early age to start experimenting with food. As the passion grew, I tried to inspire skeptics and indulge foodies in tempting flavor combinations. The result: creating Little Blue Pot.
Jovana Lea