Little Blue Pot Cherry & Black Pepper Fruit Preserve

Cherry & Black Pepper 100% Natural Preserve is the perfect ingredient in savory meals, such as dark and game meat, steaks and pâtés. Sweet and earthy, rich with umami, serves as a unique gravy and sauce ingredient. Intense cherry flavor and subtle spiciness from black pepper amplifies fatty and goat cheeses and is indulgent when poured over or mixed with yogurt, ice cream, brownies and other chocolate or cream desserts. The cherry syrup from the preserve can be added to lemonade, mixed drinks and cocktails, and cleverly substitutes different kinds of molasses. Whole preserved cherries are great for decorating sweet and savory meals and add texture with their distinctive chewiness. Black peppercorns are left whole in order to amplify cherry taste and manage its sweetness.


Little Blue Pot Plum & Rosemary Jam

Plum & Rosemary 100% Natural Jam elevates the earthiness of savory meals that contain dark meats or roasted root vegetables. Intense plum flavor and woodiness from rosemary transform and add richness to your gravies and sauces. The pungency of rosemary beautifully accompanies cheese and charcuterie boards and adds a kick in desserts, ice cream and baked goods. This is our most intensely spiced and textured jam. Made from plum halves and whole sprig of rosemary for the true lovers of intense flavors.


Little Blue Pot Apricot & Thyme Jam

Apricot & Thyme 100% Natural Jam is the best at accompanying savory meals that contain poultry, lamb, pork or game meats. In gravies and sauces, it acts as a sweetener and flavor booster, and its tartness and herby aroma pairs well with rich and blue cheeses. Traditionally, this jam is used in many desserts, such as deep fried doughs, macaroon and eclair fillings and is well known for its use in glazing and enriching baked goods. Here, thyme delicately accentuates the sweet aroma of freshly cut summer apricots.