Marko Jankovic Little Blue Pot

Artistic freedom through food photography

Marko Jankovic, the person behind Little Blue Pot photos, shares his vision of food as a limitless inspiration

Since you are a multimedia artist, what moved you towards food photography?

As a graphic designer and a creative director in food industry, I have always been around food. It was just a matter of time when my passion towards food would evolve, and when photography would become a professional skill and one of my priorities in everyday work.

Who are your favorite food bloggers/photographers on Instagram? 

I like to seek inspiration from everywhere, and the digital world plays one of the important roles because it lets you see how people around the world think. The point is not to copy others, but only to see how good they are in order to realize how good you have to become.
My favorites are: alice_gao, local_milk, _pommegranate, egzipolat, canarygrey.

Could you share some advice for food lovers that are interested in engaging with food photography?

First ask yourself if you love food so much, it inspires you on a different level. If the answer is yes, you have to master three things – cooking, styling and light. A good photograph is a perfect fusion of these three elements. There is no easy way. You have to learn it all, to forget it all, and then to experiment in order to create your own style.

You are a serious foodie. What is your favorite food, something that always cheers you up?

I love pasta and it is on the menu every single day. I create a variety of combinations, but my own Milanese recipe with broccoli and chilli pepper is my favorite.
If you add a panna cotta for dessert, that will definitely cheer me up. 🙂

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